Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Udo Gets Back to the Future

"What do you want for Christmas?" I ask Udo.

"Plutonium," he responds without missing a beat.

"Umm...I think that's illegal," I say. "You have to be a scientist to handle plutonium."

Udo's lip quivers and his eyes fill with tears. "Okay..forget it!" He is slightly manic now, so we move on.

Later, I suggest he write Santa a list. Item #1 is "A triangular Bakugan." I'm hoping Santa knows what the hell that means. Item #2 may pose a problem. The list reads: "Alternt Younivers remote control."

"Yeah, I want a remote control, like on 'Family Guy.' The one that you push the button and it takes you to an alternate universe."

"Ummm...that's just pretend. Nothing like that really exists."

Again with the puppy dog eyes, quivering lip, and tears.

"Okay....FINE! No list for me!" He's manic again. I tell him to think about it and go back to his list later on.

Santa has already gotten him his very own ceiling fan, a tie-dye shirt making kit, a big tote full of K'nex (with a motor) AND an Erector set, also with a motor. I'm thinking with the fan motor, the K'nex, and the Erector set pieces, I should find him that plutonium and see if he can't make himself a teleporter.

I bet he could.

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